1 month-ish

Dear Oliver,

It may be years before you read this, but I want to get this down so that one day you can read this (assuming this still exists in the future). I want to welcome you into this world and into our family. You may think we’ve only known you for a month-ish, but the truth is, we were with you the moment your parents told us you were the size of a lime. We met you on a weekly basis and watched your mother’s belly grow. You started kicking her (pretty darn hard too) and we would watch as she gently nudged you back. Your mother even managed to get a video of you hiccuping for us to see.

We celebrated early in the days and I even dragged your uncle to your baby shower. We didn’t do so well on the baby food blind tasting. Nor guessing the circumference of you mommy’s belly. Or figuring out how much baby stuff cost. But you know what we’re good at? Estimating M&M chocolates in a baby bottle. So you know where you can count on us.

But now you’re out in our world. It wasn’t easy and you came out fighting. You and your mom stayed strong and I was lucky enough to hold you when you were 5 hours old. Your uncle and I felt you squirm, heard you cry, and watched as you made all these tiny facial expressions. Basically anything you did garnered a delightful exclamation from us. He pouted! He yawned! He sneezed!

Now . . . now we’ll grow old and lament how fast the years go by because in a blink of an eye, you’ll turn 1 years old, then 10, then 20. My only wish for you is that you remain healthy and happy through all of those times.

(Auntie) Syl

PS: All you do is drink milk right now. So . . . I’m just going to share a milkshake recipe with you, I hope you’re a fan of these when you grow up! And I’m pretty sure your parents would not approve of me sneaking milkshakes into your bottle right now.

(Makes as many as you want)

Ice cream
Frozen fruit (optional)

  1. Scoop your favourite ice cream into a blender. Pick a simple base like vanilla or chocolate if you want to flavour it yourself. If you don’t, then go for a flavoured ice cream like strawberry or peach or whatever you like.
  2. Pour in some milk. If you have frozen fruits, you can add them in here.
  3. Cover (because it will splash up – speaking from experience here) and turn on blender. Mix until smooth.
  4. Pour into cup, pop in a straw, and enjoy!

Scoop some ice cream
Pour some milk
Blend away
Pour milkshake out
Ta-dah all done
Drink up
Just laughing at how easy that was!

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