SincerelySylDear Reader,

The fastest way for us to connect is probably for you to know my likes and dislikes. Perhaps we’ll find some overlap and become good pen pals down the road.

Likes: Letters! Desserts! Bread! Potatoes! Noodles! Fruits! Bubble tea! Books! Pretty patterns! Flowers! Shoes! Netflix! Road trips! Puns! Exclamation marks!!

Dislikes: Peas!!! Mayo! Alcohol! Commuting! Crowds! Awful fumes! Germs! Insects!

How did we do? I hope the alcohol thing doesn’t weird you out. I don’t mind other people drinking it, I just personally don’t like it because it tastes extremely bitter to me (just like how coffee is bitter). And I’m talking the really hard stuff. I can’t resist a grapefruit radler or apple cider once in awhile. Make it super sweet and fruity to mask the bitterness? I’m in!

Hmm, what else? I don’t do this full-time, so posts can be sporadic but if you write to me, I will try my best to respond as soon as possible. For my day job, I work with an excellent team to promote children’s books in Canada and the USA.

You should probably also know that I don’t do this alone. My husband is there every step of the way and is probably my biggest critic. Howard is full of opinions and can usually help with a photo or two. Also, if it weren’t for him, I’d be wandering the aisles in the grocery store forever (I’m not good at looking for things on the shelves).

So what will you find here? Lots of the things I listed in the “likes” section. Probably more with a dessert slant, but basically anything I want to write down to remember. I hope you will like my collections of letters and write back often.